Network API

Available methods

Operation HTTP Method End Point Description
GET /campaign Get all the campaigns
GET /campaign/stats/{id} Get campaign stats
POST /campaign Create a new campaign
POST /campaign/{id} Edit a campaign
DELETE /campaign/{id} Remove any campaign
GET /commissions/{route} Commission Routes
GET /affiliate Get all the affiliates
POST /affiliate Create a new affiliate
POST /affiliate/{id} Edit an affiliate info
DELETE /affiliate/{id} Remove any affiliate
GET /advertiser Get all the advertisers
POST /advertiser Create a new advertiser
POST /advertiser/{id} Edit an advertiser info
DELETE /advertiser/{id} Remove any advertiser
GET /dict/{route} Get Dictionary Routes
GET /network/account Get Network Details
GET /network/stats Get Network stats
PATCH /network/account Edit Network Details
GET /network/link/{affId}/{campaignId} Get the tracking link for an affiliate
POST /network/link/{affId}/{campaignId} Create a tracking link for an affiliate for a campaign
GET /network/conversions Get Conversion Logs
Affiliate Referral Operations
GET /network/referral Get all the Referral Links
POST /network/referral Create a new referral link
PATCH /network/referral/{id} Edit a referral link
DELETE /network/referral/{id} Remove a referral link

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